Johnny Muteba

Johnny Muteba

Founder and Chairman, Pan African Chamber of Commerce, South Africa

Johnny Muteba founded the Pan African Chamber of Commerce in 2015 in Johannesburg/South Africa. He has over 15 years of work experience in media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, trade, social impact and human rights. He is a global thought leader with a proven track record to lead multicultural teams and deliver outstanding results and as an in-depth understanding of business networking, negotiations, relationships and project management.

Johnny’s work is inspired by his responsibility to Africa.

He has a very special ability in connecting entrepreneurial vision, creative passion and innovative problem solving. His enthusiasm and experience provide for compelling insights, interesting ideas and refreshing approaches which are so desperately needed today. Johnny offers a broad range of professional services for artists, corporations, universities and Governments. Across all that he does, he taps into the power of creativity to innovate lives, bottom lines, organizations and the communities which sustain us.

The Pan African Chamber of Commerce is currently active in more than 40 countries in Africa and is also in the United States and Europe.

He is a member of the World Trade Organization/International Chamber of Commerce committee on medium and small enterprises advisory committee

He is also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurship Centre,the South African Film and Television Academy and the American Arts Chamber of Commerce

He was a  steering committee member of the South African chapter of Arterial Network from 2010-2014

He is currently a board member of the African Cultural Policy Network