Final Report of IDA 2022 Energy

Infrastructure Development Africa “ENERGY SHOWCASE” gathered more than 500 oil and gas experts on LinkedIn Live

Looking for alternative energy sources, Europe is looking towards Africa. During the IDA “ENERGY SHOWCASE”, the organizing EITEP Institute tried to answer the question: “Can Africa Supply Europe’s Energy Demand?”. The online discussion was streamed live on LinkedIn on 31 May 2022.

In her keynote speech, Jocelyne Machevo, an award-winning Mozambican energy professional with an expertise in LNG projects in Mozambique, gave an initial answer: “Indeed African countries can cover a large part of [Europe’s] demand, but additional resources need to be developed. Developing projects in Africa is not easy as it might seem, the average time from discovery to delivery is about 10 years!”

According to the African Energy Chamber, the Ukraine crisis, and its implications for EU energy supply “delivers a unique chance for African gas producers to create a robust, bankable gas strategy to provide for Africa and our European friends’ energy demand.”

The following discussion has been moderated by Cany Jobe, Director of Exploration & Production of Gambia National Petroleum Corporation: Panelists were Dr. Riverson Oppong, Manager – Commercial Operations at Ghana National Gas Company, Mr. Nabil Jedaira Hydrogen expert and Senior business development manager at Électricité de France (EDF) and Mr. Yann Pierre Albert Livulibutt Yangari, Consultant for Oil, Gas and Energy Transition.

All panelists agreed that, right now, the stakes are high on both continents. Africa’s natural gas reserves have the potential to meet significant and pressing needs for both and hydrogen may be a viable solution for future power systems. But only if deciders and stakeholders in both Europe and Africa act decisively and commit to collaborative efforts, Europe’s energy demand can be satisfied by Africa.

The organizing EITEP Institute is already working on further activities under the umbrella of the Infrastructure Development Africa initiative.

Speakers of IDA 2022 Energy

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Schedule of IDA 2022 Energy

31 May 2022, all times in CEST (Berlin Time Zone)

Rana Alnasir-Boulos, Director Business Development, EITEP Insitute, Germany

  • Cany Jobe, Director of Exploration & Production, Gambia National Petroleum Corporation, Gambia
  • Riverson Oppong, Manager – Commercial Operations, Ghana National Gas Company, Ghana
  • Nabil Jedaira, Senior Business Development Manager, Électricité de France (EDF), Morocco
  • Verner Ayukegba, Executive Chairman, African Energy Chamber, South Africa
  • Yann Pierre Albert Livulibutt Yangari, Consultant – Oil, Gas and Energy Transition Economist, Conseil National du Plan d’Accélération de la Transformation (PAT), Gabon