Report: Closer China-Africa Collaboration Ramps Up Africa’s Supply Chain Development

A report released on Tuesday, August 23, 2021, by the China-Africa Business Council has shown the benefits of the continent’s partnership with the Asian superpower.

According to the report, direct cooperation between China and Africa is refining the continent’s supply chains amid numerous challenges. The report’s headline, “Chinese Investment in Africa (2022): China-Africa Cooperation from a Supply Chain Perspective,” detailed the essential role China has played in Africa’s supply chains.

The report elaborated that Africa’s supply chains were under pressure, quoting negative aspects, such as regional conflicts, diseases, and logistical obstacles. Nevertheless, considering Africa’s dramatic population growth, the continent still remains an attractive supply chain development market, it remarked.

From the supply chain standpoint, the report detailed the efforts and contributions made by China, both at the local and policy levels, which are playing critical roles in enhancing Africa’s supply chain growth. It also highlighted the efforts made by Chinese businesses to support Africa’s sustainable and independent development.

Many developmental initiatives, including the Belt and Road Initiative, and other programs, have seen China and Africa extend their cooperation to various areas, mostly in industrial and supply chain development. Most of these initiatives are also aligned with Africa’s development strategies.

In particular, the Belt and Road cooperation “will play an important role in building a more integrated African continent as well as connecting Africa to global supply chains,” the report highlighted.

The report also noted that through China-Africa Cooperation, Chinese businesses had made massive contributions to refining Africa’s supply chains in various fields, including e-commerce, agriculture, logistics, and others. Meanwhile, the report finally provided recommendations for businesses and governments to promote the existing China-Africa cooperation.